"It seems to me that in the early 2000s, Ginuwine hadn't come out with a fire album in 2 or 3 years..." -Steve

Basic info Edit

Steve is the president of the third largest Ginuwine Fan Club in Ohio. Steve was first introduced to Jake's Dad in Volume 9 by Isaac, who claims that if Jake is to be saved, then Jake's Dad will need Steve's help. Steve seems like an insignificant person, but he is an insane dancer and saved Isaac from Uncle Samsonite by distracting him with a Dance-Off. Steve is played by Justin Briggs.

Association with characters Edit


  • Steve has no interaction with Jake but likely knows of him.

Jake's Dad

  • Steve helps Jake's dad by distracting Uncle Samsonite and allowing Jake's Dad to rescue Jake.

Uncle Samsonite

  • Steve could be considered Uncle Samsonite's nemesis, as he has rescued 2 characters from him.


  • Steve is considered to be Isaac's friend, as he rescued him before the "Transformation" was complete.

Other Characters Edit

  • Ginuwine
    • Steve is a big fan of Ginuwine, as expressed by him being the president of the third largest Ginuwine Fan Club in Ohio, and also the fact that he showed concern after Ginuwine hadn't come out with a fire album for 2 or 3 years during the early 2000s, which led to him looking for why, and it wasn't long before he stumbled into Uncle Samsonite's realm

Trivia Edit

  • He was the president of the fourth largest Ginuwine Fan Club, but the members all died in a "tragic house fire accident."
    • It is implied that it was not an accident.

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